Pete’s Pizza has good food, prices


by Amy Johnson

Pete’s Pizza, located on Howard Street between Harrison’s and Regions, has some of the best deals and most delicious pizza that Indianola has to offer. Not only available to dine-in but also to carry out, Pete’s Pizza may be home to the best pizza in town.

When first opening the door, the scenery looks much more like an old school arcade than a place to eat. A pool table and games fill the first room. A small hallway leads to a bar and eventually opens up into seating.

It didn’t take long to realize that Pete’s was much more than a normal sports bar. The workers were friendly, and the waitress made us feel like we had been consistent customers. There were obviously some regulars in the restaurant as she knew what kind of pop to bring out and which pizzas they would be ordering.

I ordered a mini build-your-own pepperoni pizza. The two roommates decided on the pepperoni hot sandwich. At that point, the place was beginning to fill up. Most of the families were ordering salad and pizza. The large build-your-own-pizza started at $14, but would definitely be worth the extra cash. Pete’s Pizza is unlike anything you could get at Pizza Hut, Godfathers or Little Caesars.

The sandwiches could easily fill two people up; for $4.50, it’s a steal. My roommates were full upon leaving and had half of their sandwiches to take home for leftovers. The mini pepperoni pizza I had could also easily feed two people.

The hours are a little unpredictable; Pete’s opens at 4 p.m. and closes when the rush is over, usually between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.. Great for a date night or any night, Pete’s Pizza is strategically hidden – and one of Indianola’s best kept secrets.