Students no longer praised for grades

by Simpsonian Staff

Dear rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors—welcome to the new world of the housing lottery.

This year, GPA’s were not taken into consideration in terms of lottery numbers. Essentially, all of the names are put in to a Word document and someone hits shuffle.

The only deduction that you get from your lottery number now is if you participate in Residence Life’s survey about housing and other general living questions. That seems to be slanted in favor of doing what Residence Life wants you to do, yes?

So, students can be rewarded for doing what Residence Life wants (or, honestly, may need) but not for being studious?

So, why are students no longer being rewarded for their good grades? For their hard work?

Because someone said that the lottery numbers weren’t fair. That some people who work, as well as go to school, do not have the ability to study as much as “the other” students.

Welcome to the real world.

The introduction to being an adult is learning the fine art of time management. Balancing a job (whether on campus or off) with the world of academics is something that all students need to learn how to do when they come to college.

Everyone who comes to Simpson is accepted for a reason. We all come into college with a general idea of what we’re in for.

Not to mention, all freshmen are stressed the importance of time management, and we’re not doing anyone any favors by saying that it’s okay to put work in front of your schoolwork.

Jobs are important, we’re not saying they’re not. We have to be able to pay for the increase in tuition, but we’re student workers. Student comes first.