Sunday to bring Green Bay victory, Raji hip-swivel


by Kelsey Knutson

I may be biased, there is no doubt that I like the Green Bay Packers, but this year is the year for the big, bad Green Machine: Without Brett Favre.

Aaron Rogers, the 27-year-old 1st round draft pick out of California, has patiently waited his turn to enjoy the limelight. As the Packers head into another opportunity to bring home an NFL Championship, I can think of no better city to win than Green Bay.

ESPN commentators have said so themselves, not only has Aaron Rodgers filled the shoes of Brett Favre, but he’s also gone above and beyond expectations. Some view his celebrating as “arrogant,” but my question to those people is this: If you were battling the Bears at Soldier Field and fighting the bitter hisses of Chicago fans, wouldn’t you celebrate, too?

Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson said it himself, whoever shows up this Sunday will win the game. Forget the hype surrounding the Super Bowl experienced Ben Roethlisberger.

“It doesn’t matter who has played in the most Super Bowls,” Woodson said at press conference earlier this week. “Whoever plays the best game is going to win and that’s it.”

That team is going to be the Green Bay Packers.

Cheeseheads around the country are going to be tuned in this Sunday, and non-Cheeseheads, too, for that matter. The underlying story that looms in the shadows of this showdown is the unexpected season of Pittsburgh’s quarterback, Roethlisberger. Love him or hate him, he’s led his team to the ultimate game after two sexual harassment accusations.

Another reason to cheer for the Packers.

And let’s be serious, Green Bay’s linebacker, Clay Matthews is a beast. In the last four games alone he has recorded 12 solo tackles and two sacks for 25 yards lost, adding to his total of 14 sacks on the year.

According to, Rodgers has completed 66 of 93 pass attempts for nearly 800 yards during this postseason alone. That greatly out does Roethlisberger’s 29 of 51 pass attempts for a shy 359 yards.

I want Green Bay to win for a few reasons. First off, I want Brett Favre to regret playing for the Minnesota Vi-queens. As if playing the maybe retire v. maybe not retiring game for years wasn’t annoying enough, then he puts on the purple? Gross.

Second, my die-hard Packer fan father would be happy for the next decade if the Packers bring home the ‘ship. Maybe he’ll buy me a much needed smart phone if he’s in a good enough mood.

And finally, come on – we can all take part in the next national craze: Teach me how to Raji.