Simpson students earn national recognition


by Tyler Utzka

Last fall, recent graduate Dylan Mick and EWG student Nick Dau created a video for their sports science class not knowing that it would later be recognized nationally.

“It’s pretty cool that it’s being recognized nationally,” Mick said. “I kind of laughed when I found out.”

Rita Audlehelm, director of health services and instructor of sports science, required the class to make videos for Health 101, an online monthly periodical aimed for college students based out of Southborough, Mass.

Health 101 contacted Audlehelm for verification to use the video made by Mick and Dau.

“(Health 101) called me and asked if they could use Nick and Dylan’s video across the United States in all other issues of Health 101 who don’t have a custom video,” Audlehelm said. “Most articles have two or three videos so they were probably in all other issues of Health 101 in Canada and America.”

There is something about Mick and Dau’s video that got the periodical’s attention.

“I had a lot of good videos students did but the one thing that caught Health 101’s eye was that they were in the weight room, they were pretty relaxed, they planned out what they were doing and they really related to the different things in the article,” Audlehelm said. “Plus they had some humor in it.”

Pre-production, Mick and Dau knew what route they were going to take.

“We knew going in (that)

the video would be seen around campus so we wanted to have fun with it,” Dau said. “If we were going to be in front of a camera talking about fitness personalities we thought we may as well try to be funny.”

Mick agreed with Dau.

“Nick and I talked about it and we were like let’s just have fun with it,” Mick said. “Most of the videos we’d watched prior to it had seemed like people were somewhat stiff or uptight about it. It’s a lot less stressful to just be loose with it and enjoy it.”

The topic for their video is both helpful, and important.

“I think it’s important that you know what type of exerciser you are because the type that you are will feed your motivation which is the biggest part to exercising in my mind,” Mick said. “If you’re motivated you’ll exercise more and if you know your type, you’ll be able to use it to get more motivated.”

Dau agrees with Mick about the importance of knowing who you are when you exercise and their decision to choose this topic.

“We thought it would be cool to show people how your personality can impact the way you exercise,” Dau said. “And that it is important to identify yours so you can find a routine that you will stick with.”