Culver Center brings opportunties to campus

by Simpsonian Staff

There is no doubt that the Culver Center of Public Policy at Simpson will benefit its students – both Culver fellows and beyond.

By having Senator Culver’s reach at our private, Liberal Arts institution, a plethora of opportunities will and have presented itself to all students on the campus.

Culver, a former U.S. Senator that represented Iowa over four presidential administrations, has invested in Simpson with the public policy center, which will help students be engaged, active citizens in the political arenas both nationally and within the state.

Now more so than ever, students need to be involved, well read and knowledgeable about our government, our budgets and our laws. Students across Iowa need to form opinions, research our leaders and jump in to encourage others to do the same. And the Culver Center of Public Policy is doing just that.

By providing opportunities to meet with Culver, the father of former Iowa Governor Chet Culver, and speakers that the center plans to host in the future, students will be one step ahead in understanding civic duty.

Students should not pass these opportunities up.

The official opening of the center came last November where students, faculty and staff were all in attendance. What seems nice and exciting with the Culver partnership is actually much more. It’s motivating, cutting edge and it offers a great opportunity to not only current students – but also potential students looking to come to Indianola.

The center looks to educate and encourage students on our campus to stand up, get involved and mobilize citizens to become engaged in their surroundings. Something that stands parallel to Simpson’s goal with its Liberal Arts education.

The Culver Center of Public Policy is surely going to bring great things to Simpson, and students should take advantage of the opportunities and lessons that Culver and the policy center’s staff are sure to provide.