End of world’ talk is spreading, rapture raises worry


by Kelsey Knutson

OK, raise your hand if you think the end of the world is near. All of you? I figured as much.

With the political unrest in the Middle East, civilians dying in Lybia, and earthquakes and tsunamis tearing through some of earth’s most beautiful landscapes, it’s not a surprise that many people – believers and nonbelievers alike – are questioning how long the human race will actually be walking around.

A radio station in Iowa, Family Radio, says that Judgment Day is coming. Not only is it coming, but according to them as stated in Kyle Munson’s Iowa column with the Des Moines Register, it is May 21, 2011.

What does this mean?

According to these fundamentalist Christians, the rapture will happen on that day. This is when Jesus comes back to earth and takes the true believers back with him to heaven. According to the Des Moines Register article, only 2 or 3 percent of the people in the world would actually go, while everyone else stayed on earth to endure what is basically hell until the apocalypse in October.

I’m a believer. However, I’m a little skeptical of this projection. With that, I don’t want to outwardly voice why I don’t think it will happen because, I mean, if Jesus does come knocking I want him to take me.

There are a few reasons why I don’t want to rapture to happen this May.

1. I graduate on May 21

That may be a pretty selfish, but come on. I’ve paid far too many dollars and spent far too many hours investing in my degree to not get that bad boy. I want to walk up on that stage, shake someone’s hand and hold that puppy above my head for my proud mother to snap a few photos.

2. I’ve never lived without a roommate

Unless you’re in the same boat with me on this one you just wouldn’t understand. I’ve had a roommate my whole life. I want an opportunity to have my own room. I grew up sharing a room with my younger sister. I’ve only ever slept in a twin-sized bed, always had to share closet space, and always had to coordinate and decorate with someone else. I’ve loved all the roommates I’ve ever had. However, is it so much for a girl to want a space of her own? I won’t have an opportunity to do that if Jesus takes me in May.

3. I want to travel to another country

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did the only thing that would be on it would be to travel to Italy. I want to see Rome, the Sistine Chapel, and everything else the flawless view has to offer. I want to get out of the country. In a very sincere, however cliché way, I want to see the world. I don’t have time to do that before May 21.

However, I also see it this way: I’ve lived a blessed life, I have a wonderful family and friends who love me and I have seen views that have left me speechless. I have some of the best memories any 21-year-old could ask for and trust that Jesus loves me as well as all of you.

Whatever May 21 brings – even though I think I’ll be waking up on May 22 – I’m thankful for what I’ve got and hopeful for what’s to come after. So here’s to May 21 and all the uncertainty it brings.