Lighten up

In response to the opinions expressed in the perspectives piece “Spring, Parking tickets around the corner,” we have a few of our own opinions to express. We agree that it is never fun to receive a parking ticket, but let’s all realize that we get them because we park in the wrong parking lots.

Also, let’s keep things in perspective here: a $10 parking ticket for a “broke” college student is far less than many Simpson students spend on alcohol on any given weekend. Let’s face it, if you own a car and attend an institution for higher education, you are in no way among the poorest of people financially.

Parking on a college campus is a privilege and Simpson does a pretty good job of accommodating those who choose to purchase a parking permit. For a mere $50 per year, you can find ample parking within a three block radius of your building, which is a rarity on most college campuses.

Keep in mind, if you park in a lot you have not been designated to park in, someone who is allowed to park there might not get a spot in that lot. Therefore, obviously we need Peg. She ensures that each person who spends money to park gets a spot in their designated lot.

Also, let’s give Peg some credit. As Gabe pointed out, she is patrolling the lots come rain, sleet, snow, or shine everyday from 8 a.m. to 4 pm. She continues to ticket vehicles that are in the incorrect lot, which means she is doing a good job and as far as getting the ‘benefit of the doubt,’ there is always the right to appeal.

Finally, addressing Gabe’s statement about making a difference in the world, who has the right to judge whether someone else’s career is meaningful? While we might have issues with flaws in our parking system, there is no need to target an individual who is simply doing her job as it is laid out to her.

It is embarrassing to the rest of the Simpson students that one of our peers would feel the need to personally attack someone who is providing a necessary service on our campus and doing an excellent job. Peg is a part of our community and her work should be valued and appreciated by everyone on this campus.