Freedom comes at a price in ‘Hall Pass’


by Michelle Zimmerman

“Hall Pass” is a story of two men who receive a week off from their marital duties, and it leaves a lot to be desired.

Best friends Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis) have been married for some time when their wives, played by actresses Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate, decide to relieve them from their duties as husbands for one week. Their wives can no longer stand being around their embarrassing husbands that openly gawk at other women.

Fischer and Applegate learn of the “hall pass” term from Joy Behar who plays the role of an older friend that has given her husband the hall pass. Behar credits the pass for the success of her marriage.

Rick and Fred are allowed to do anything during that week – no questions asked. In theory, they can act as bachelors with no need to honor fidelity or responsibility to their wives. However, Rick and Fred decide to spend more time eating, sleeping and drinking rather than chasing women.

Their wives go to the Fischer’s parents’ house with the kids. What Rick and Fred did not realize was that their wives would also be enjoying a week off from marriage, embarking on their own adventures of a hall pass.

Fischer and Applegate enjoy their free time with a college baseball team going to the beach, swimming and attending a few parties. The movie is filled with irony as Fischer and Applegate realize the fate of their hall passes.

According to Fandango, the movie is R-rated due to the crude and sexual humor throughout, language, and some graphic nudity and drug use.

The term graphic is being used lightly. There are some very up close and personal nudity scenes, male and female that come to the screen with very little warning. The scenes fail to add anything to the movie and take away from the story line.

The humor throughout the movie is fairly harsh and dirty on the subjects of women and sex. You’ll find yourself laughing and then realizing that you probably shouldn’t have found it funny. This is definitely not a movie to take the family or new lover to.

Is the movie worth seeing in the movie theater? No, save your money. Wait for it to arrive on Netflix or at a RedBox. There are a few scenes that might be worth skipping over, but a few jokes are worth hearing. Plus, some of the unpleasant incidents involving the couples are worth seeing.