Where is the election participation this year?

by Simpsonian Staff

The numbers are currently low for student interest in the upcoming Student Government Association (SGA) elections, and The Simpsonian staff can’t help but wonder, why?

As of the printing of this issue, there were only a handful of students signed up to run for SGA positions. Of those, one of them is currently not sitting on this year’s SGA panel. There are four senators for each class as well as a president, a student body president and vice president. There are 1,485 full-time students at Simpson.

The problem?

Students aren’t stepping forward to be something new.

Hats off to those that signed up to be a part of the Simpson decision-making, to wanting to better their Simpson experience as well as others, and going out on a limb to make the tough choices to improve their class.

Thank you and congratulations to those that served on SGA this year – for representing the students – and the college well. There are not a lot of people, as shown by the current low numbers of the upcoming election, that are willing to take on that challenge and be in a position to take public criticism.

However, there is still an issue.

All governments are more successful when there is a breath of fresh air, a shake up in the system and a change in philosophy. Every administration – state and federal – comes in with new initiatives and original ideas to bring something different to the table. The catch is this: That will not happen if new people do not take on the challenge that is SGA.

Classmates would appreciate new freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors if they would throw their names on the ballot and represent something new.

SGA plays a vital role in the goings-on around Simpson’s campus and experiences for students. This is something that should be jumped up for – not shied away from.