How to ‘go out with bang’


by Katelyn Chamberlin

With school coming to a close, you may be starting to realize all the things you meant to do but never got around to doing to make this year memorable. Stop those thoughts dead in their tracks because there is still time to end the semester with a bang and get your summer started off right.

Ace those pesky finals. Study hard and get good grades because the effects it will have on your mood are priceless. Not only will doing well on your finals reduce stress but it will give your GPA a nice boost so you can start next semester with a little cushion. By working hard and doing well on your tests, it will show your professors that you cared enough to really learn the material. Whether this was the case or you just crammed really well during dead week, the only thing professors see is the end result – an A. If you’re still in need of convincing, take a look at how much money you’ll owe in loans after you graduate. That should be enough to shock you into good study habits.

It’s highly doubtful that you’ve been on campus for months and not managed to make a single friend, so prove it by catching up with them one-on-one before the three-month break. Not only will it show your friends that you cared enough to meet up, but it will be a good break from all that studying I’m sure you’re doing.

Make kickass summer plans. Whether you’re all set up for an internship or you’re working back home at the local diner, you’ll have plenty of free time left over. Instead of spending it indoors playing Call Of Duty, make some awesome plans to really make the summer worthwhile. Whether these plans include a major trip across the U.S., or just hitting the Mall of America for a weekend, the chance to get out of your ordinary environment will do wonders.

Less is NOT more. Now that you’ve met up with all of your important friends, plan one big last ‘hurrah’ to get everyone together and end the semester the right way. Grab a huge group of people and hit the movies, or upgrade from the usual Keystone Light at the next big party. This will be the last time everyone is together until September. If there ever was a time to go big or go home, it’s now. Because soon, you’ll really be going home.