Who really picked VCU, Butler?


by Gabe Gilson

Right now somebody fess up, who’s the idiot that picked UConn, Kentucky, VCU and Butler in their Final Four? I’m not leaving until I get an answer!

It must be March Madness or something. For further proof that this tournament is insane, of the 40 entries into the Simpsonian’s Final Four pool, just seven people got even one final four team picked correctly. Even though I, as well as everybody else, feel like an idiot for filling out a bracket, there are still three can’t-miss games to be watched.

First UConn and Kentucky. Two storied programs that have won a combined nine NCAA Tournament National Championships. Kentucky has Coach Calipari; UConn has Coach Calhoun. Kentucky has the Freshmen sensations Terrance Jones and Brandon Knight; UConn has one of the nation’s best in senior Kemba Walker.

This game will be a match-up of two teams that score the biggest recruits and are a Final Four threat every single year. The funny thing is, the winner from this game will only have the chance to play an 11 seed or an eight seed in the next game.

Whoever that winner is will most certainly have their hands full in the Championship game with the likes of VCU or Butler. I doubt Doug Gottlieb, Joe Lunardi, Jay Bilas, or any other self-proclaimed Bracketologist could have possibly forecasted that nightmarish sentence on Selection Sunday. In fact, there were doubts as to why the selection committee even chose VCU, who finished 4th in the CAA, into the NCAA Tournament. After watching them come this far, I understand why the team with the coach named Shaka has as good a chance as any to win it all.

Anyone who has seen a college basketball game knows this, beware the Bulldogs of Butler. Last year, the Bulldogs had everyone outside of Durham, North Carolina behind them as they fell one bucket short of a title. This year, the only reason everyone isn’t cheering for them is so the even bigger underdog can have a chance to take the cake.

As far as predictions go, I’m not going to be stupid and make any. This spring, there has been many made, and many proved wrong. The only thing I can predict is what we are in for will be exciting.

As far as hopes go, for the second straight season I will be backing Butler because they are the only team from the Midwest left, and because I want to see Brad Steven’s team win it all. I think Coach Steven’s is an excellent strategist and for clearly not having the most talented team in the tournament, they have stolen hearts and broken dreams by hitting buzzer beaters and winning three tournament games by less than three points.

As far as sports go, the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament is as good as it gets. There is no other event that matches the intensity, drama, and craziness it beholds. Take your Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics and World Series. I’ll be watching the NCAA Tournament.