FlipSide Face – Lex Cochrane


by Tara Maurer

Junior Lex Cochrane’s personality is as colorful as the pages of her comic books.

Cochrane spreads her love of comics through her position as president of the Comic Book Club. And, with the help of her recent trip to Comic-Con – “an extravaganza of geeky flirtation for around five days” – Cochrane is able to raise some interesting discussion topics in meetings.

Concerning her trip to San Diego’s Comic-Con, Cochrane said it was nothing like she had ever experienced before. From a fight about whether vampires are sparkly to the barely-there costumes, Comic-Con is full of eventful surprises.

“You have never seen anything more funny than two, probably 120-pound men with pocket protectors, getting into a fist fight,” Cochrane said. “You have not lived.”

Senior Danielle Pringle said Cochrane has great discussion topics and activities for meetings.

“She is gung-ho about everything we do, and encourages all member to participate and share their ideas,” said.

Junior Marcus Simpson agreed that Cochrane has great discussion topics.

“She provides a fun environment for the members,” Simpson said. “Since Lex has taken over as president, we average about 20 members a week. Lex has really brought the club to life.”

When asked to describe Cochrane, answers from club members ranged from animated and beautiful to meerkat… Must be a Comic Club thing, right?

Cochrane double majors in biology and sociology and hopes to become a dentist. She is a member of the Simpson cheer squad; LGBTQA; Multi-Cultural Women’s Association; Pi Beta Phi and is a Community Advisor.

Cheer Coach Andrea Wells said Cochrane’s personality makes her a “natural born leader” and gives her the ability to relate to everyone.

“She’s magnetic,” Wells said. “She’s so smart and witty; it’s a dynamite combination that I feel will take her very far.”