FlipSide Face – Lisa Carponelli


by Tara Maurer

Teaching should be a breeze for Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Lisa Carponelli, who appears to be able to do anything – even climb a mountain.

It took 18 days, but Carponelli succeeded in climbing the highest mountain peak in North America – Mount Denali.

“It was very hard, but it was a lot of fun,” Carponelli said.

Before the climb, Carponelli and her husband trained for six months. The majority of her training involved climbing stairs, 34 flights to be exact.

“We would put 50 pounds of rice in our backpacks, and we would just climb stairs repeatedly to sort of get the cardiovascular training to climb Denali,” Carponelli said.

Mountaineering has been put on the backburner since having children, Carponelli said. To replace it, she became a triathlete.

Not only does Carponelli stand out in her extracurricular choices, but in her career as well.

Before coming to Simpson three years ago, Carponelli was a reporter and anchor for WOI Channel 5 News station, an ABC affiliate.

Carponelli’s “war stories” working in the news make her classes interesting, junior Meghan Vosberg said.

“She has had so many interesting stories that make aspiring journalist want to try to someday experience,” Vosberg said. “From sliding down a fireman’s pole to reporting about 9/11, Lisa has the poise to do it all.”

Simpson alumna Tammy Gentry, who is a close friend of Carponelli’s, understands why students like Carponelli.

“[She’s] real,” Gentry said. “People are attracted to Lisa because she is her true self. She isn’t putting on pretenses.”

Gentry added that Carponelli is “an achiever” and has “big goals.”

“Lisa has much to brag about, but she’s humble,” Gentry said. “She has traveled around the world, but is most comfortable with everyday people.”

When Carponelli isn’t teaching or performing triathlons, she enjoys caring for her two daughters.