Curriculum Corner: Accept curriculum changes, move forward


by Jackie Crawford

Marilyn Ferguson wrote, “It’s not so much that we’re afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it’s that place in between that we fear… It’s like being between trapezes. It’s Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. There’s nothing to hold on to.”

As Simpson moves toward full implementation of the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum, we feel a bit like Linus as we seek the comfort of our current program. We have experienced the excitement and hard work of creating a new curriculum, but we do not yet know all of the nuances of the revised majors, courses, and schedules.

The education majors and minors have been approved by the college, and now we will submit the programs for state approval. The changes are explained in our Transition Advising documents which are available on the Education website and in our office. If you plan to complete an education program and do not have an education advisor, now would be a good time to make that request.

Remember, your major requirements are determined by the date you declare your major. We encourage currently enrolled elementary education majors to declare their majors this year as the Iowa Department of Education has recently increased the requirements.

You may ask, “Can I finish my major and endorsements by taking only four classes each semester?” The answer is “Yes!” Several education courses are now one or two credits. You may take more than four courses per semester, but the total credits should not be more than 19 credits. Students should be able to complete the same number of endorsements as before. As always, students who are seeking multiple or divergent endorsements may need to take summer courses or extend their planned graduation date.

John F. Kennedy said, “There is nothing more certain and unchanging than uncertainty and change.” The move to Simpson’s Engaged Citizenship Curriculum brings with it a time of uncertainty, but it need not be overwhelming. As we all fly “between the trapezes,” let us remember that our blankets will be dry soon.