Floro and Ginger Know Best


by Erin Floro & Julia Robinson

This guy I met on spring break keeps calling and texting me, what should I do?


I’m sure all you silly spring breakers came back to campus with sunburns, crazy stories, unexpected tattoos, and possibly herpes. But I sure hope you didn’t come home with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Ladies: The only reason you should still be talking to that guy you were crushing on during spring break is if he’s the soon to be father of your child. Gentlemen: The only reason you would even continue talking to her is if she has a bun and the oven-and you’re responsible. If that pee stick comes back negative, cut off all connections immediately.

I’m sure you collected quite a handful of phone numbers over the 7-day stretch, and by numbers I mean booty calls. Here’s the PCB 2011 breakdown of contacts in my phone.

1. Bnama boy

2. Elevator Boys

3. Funny at Gas Station

4. If arrested call

5. Alex Gulf Crest

6. Agtaqp

7. John I’m sorry Spring Break

8. Jack Kentucky

9. Shave your beard

10. Nick Cute

11. Brandon at Sharky’s

What happens on spring break certainly needs to stay on spring break, and I hope you went in with that mindset. I don’t know about all of you, but I didn’t spend all that much time talking and getting to know someone, my mouth was preoccupied…with a drink. Get your mind out of the gutter. How could you have possibly made a romantic connection and be wanting to keep ties?


So, we’ve got a clinger on our hands. Let me guess: you met him on the beach, gave him your number to get into the party at his hotel later, and ended up “hanging out” with him every day for the rest of the trip. I’ve seen this happen to one of my own friends, and it can make – or break – a spring break trip. However, even if meeting this wonderful guy did make your trip, the number one no-no is bringing your spring-break-fling back to your reality at college.

Now there are two possible cases with your fling: you either like him, or you don’t. If you don’t like him, why are you even worrying about him calling and texting you? Politely explain to him that what you “had” was just a little fun on spring break and that’s that – problem solved. However, if the stalker continues to call and text you, tell him off in a text or seven until he gets the hint that you do NOT want to talk to him. If this is a serious issue, call your cell phone provider to look into getting his number blocked.

Case number two: you like Mr. Spring-Break-Fling. You can’t get the image of his tanned bod in those board shorts out of your mind. This is one of the top five worst things that can happen to you on spring break – right after getting arrested, getting pregnant, getting assaulted, or picking up an STD. No one goes on spring break to find love (at least I hope not) for a reason: it’s not going to work. You were most likely under the influence most of the time you were together anyways – are you sure you even really remember what he looks like?

In all reality, unless he conveniently lives in the same state or somewhere relatively close, you should probably just give it up. But hey, if the two of you are madly in love, who am I to discourage? If you did find love on spring break and it actually works out, more power to you! For everyone else who didn’t, look forward to another fun-filled week of sand and sun next year.