SGA looking to sell drums in storage

by Bridgette Gardiner

Unless interested students step forth, Simpson College’s Student Government Association is considering selling drums once used by the college’s now-defunct drumline, the group’s adviser said.

The drumline was started about four years ago by a student who has since graduated, Steven Ramsey, said Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students and SGA adviser.

While the club was unable to gain support its first year, the second year a decent amount of students showed interest and the club purchased $5,000 worth of performance drums, Ramos said.

Shortly after the drums were purchased, the group had a few performances. However, once Ramsey graduated, the remaining students in the club were unable to commit the time to keep the club going, Ramos said.

Since then, the drums have been sitting in storage with no use to the equipment.

Right now, unless a substantial amount of students show interest in creating and continuing the drum line, the SGA is considering selling the drums, Ramos said.

“If future students want a drum line, my recommendation is that they step up as soon as possible. Once the drums are gone, they are gone,” Rich Ramos, the Assistant Dean of Students, said.

SGA is currently looking into many options on how to get rid of the drums and still make a profit. Currently, they have thought about reaching out to Indianola High School to see if they would like to purchase the drums, and they are also discussing placing the drums on popular websites like Craigslist and EBay.

“It will be much harder for subsequent groups to start up another drumline given how this one has ended up,” Ramos said. “I don’t know that the support to purchase new equipment after this last experience will happen and those wanting to get new drums for the ones that were sold will more than likely have to raise the funds on their own to secure new ones, we do not have unlimited storage to store these things unfortunately.”