New Chalking policy places guidelines for groups


by Cait Conner

Once used for mere enjoyment in our childhood youth, chalk serves a new purpose for the many clubs and organizations on Simpson College’s campus.

“Chalking” can be used to sponsor a club or organization’s events, meetings, etc.

“It’s a good way to promote events,” Assistant Dean of Students Rich Ramos said.

There are many areas where chalking is permitted, which include: outside Carver Hall, Smith Chapel, McNeill Hall and Dunn Library. These areas supply good, open spaces for groups to convey their messages to the students.

There are a few things that are prohibited with the new chalking policy. Such as: no chalking is permitted on the brick foundations on campus or painting on the sidewalks.

There are also certain designated areas, such as: Smith Chapel, athletic buildings and Blank Performing Arts Center that require permission before chalking outside of their facilities.

“We’re not trying to dictate what the students can or cannot write,” Ramos said. “Just keep it in good taste…like the radio edited version.”

The Student Activities Office asked for the message of the group to be readily available, not offensive and to keep it clean. If there is any questionable content, the group can go to the office to run it by them.

“We leave it to their best judgment,” Ramos said.

The messages need to stay positive, Ramos noted on the current election year and a potential rift between the students for Obama and the students for Romney groups on campus.

“We don’t want one group bashing another group. The chalking is meant for promoting your group,” Ramos said.

One area that is still undesignated is Kent Campus Center, because it is not opened yet.

“Once Kent is open, we’ll have that discussion where chalking will be permitted there,” Ramos said.

A more in-depth explanation on these new chalking policies can be found on Simpson’s website under the Student Activities tab. There the list of requirements and a map showing permitted areas chalking can be placed.