Chartwells open to student input and ideas


by Megan Quick

Walking into Pfeiffer this year brings obvious changes. With the updates complete, Pfeiffer offers a different set-up with new and improved equipment.

“We have fresh new stations as well as more equipment and more burners in the Exhibition station,” Joe Luing, director of dining services, said. “We also have a new hard stove oven this year for pizzas that really offers a fuller and richer flavor.”

Pfeiffer is arranged by different stations now, these being Fresh Grille, The Kitchen, Baker’s Crust, My Pantry, Fresh Market and Exhibition. The Exhibition station is a new and improved ‘Chef on Fire’ from last year, offering a variety of items varying each night.

Right now Hopper Express is still a quick option for lunch but come October and the opening of the new Kent Campus Center (KCC), Hopper will no longer be offered. KCC will have an option like Hopper, as well as many more choices.

“The student center has been getting worked on for a while, so it’ll be good to finally see it actually open,” junior Ryan Willoughby said.

Food options in Kent will include Au Bon Pain, Tyler’s Grille, Red Mango, ABP Subs and Sandwiches and Millie’s.

Au Bon Pain will have Italian options. Tyler’s Grille will include a full grill with burgers and melts. Millie’s will offer coffee representing Starbuck’s. Red Mango, which is a national concept, will have smoothies.

ABP Subs and Sandwiches will offer sandwiches like Hopper now, but with a larger variety of options. You can grab and go or have one made to order with more options.

“I’m excited for the coffee choices and the grill,” senior Tess Myer said.

All food options in KCC will be offered as combo meals, which count as one board swipe on a meal plan. Flex can be used instead or to cover anything not in the meal plan.

Another idea that is in the process is the setting up of a food committee. The food committee would be there to hear students’ feedback on the food and dining hall.

“The food committee will help us keep improving and going in the right direction,” Luing said. “If anyone has any ideas or items they would like to have made at the Exhibition station, don’t hesitate to suggest them. We don’t know what students really think unless they say something and we want to have that input.”

This year will be Luing’s first year here and he is happy with the changes and with his choice in coming here.

“What impressed me when coming here was noticing that the college really wants to do the best for their students,” Luing said. “Simpson really is ahead of the curve. What they want to deliver to their students is outstanding.”