Watch party allows for discussion

by James Tillison

The third Presidential Debate, held on Oct. 22, was celebrated with another watch party by the Simpson College Republicans. The watch party was welcome to all students needing a suitable location to absorb the debates. The Simpson College Republicans offered this opportunity with food and drink to enjoy while watching the debates with some friends.

Roughly twenty students were in attendance and several of them had thoughts on the event.

“The food is good. It’s a good turnout,” sophomore Cody Parmley said.

President of the Simpson College Republicans and sophomore Kristin Richert said that the Culver Center helped put this on and there was a great turn out.

“It shows that the students here are invested in the election,” Richert said.

Richert believes that both sides are being defensive and that doesn’t foster good hope among voters. She, and several others around her at the time, wants to see politics, not bickering.

One student, a democrat, asked Richert her opinions on specific issues in the election after the debate had ended. The two began tossing back and forth arguments to support their side of the presidential election in a civil manner. The two brought up valid points and respected each others’ views. The friendly debate between the two drew in a crowd of the remaining students. Everyone watched, listened, and gave input on their views of what was being said. The discussion went anywhere from grants to the female vote.

In the end, everyone in attendance agreed that the watch party was a success and enjoyed it thoroughly. Many of the students who did attend admitted that they had already voted or were not to be swayed in their decision. These students were there to see the debates with friends and have a good time.

“It shows that the students here are invested in the election,” Richert said.