Dancing the Night Away

Dancing the Night Away

by Erin Gerken

Chances are not many students have much experience with dancing in a Latin ballroom sense of the word. However, this can be a helpful thing to know how to do. That is why Multicultural Student Alliance (MSA) hosts Salsa Dance, a tutorial for a few kinds of the fun and popular Latin dances.

The event took place on Sept. 28 from 8-10 p.m. in Great Hall and was attended by a wide variety of students ready to learn more about a few different types of dances.

“The girl who is teaching, her name is Laura Roy, she graduated from Simpson,” junior Shanice Whitney said. “She’s going to teach the basics of salsa, a little bit of tango and meringue.”

This is not the first time these events have been put on, and it is not the first time Roy has been the instructor.

“Since I’ve been here they’ve had it, and I think two years before I got here as a freshman they’ve been having it,” Whitney said. “She (Roy) was here my freshman year and did it.”

Students came in with a wide variety of experience with these events.

“I know Shanice (Whitney) has done this before, but I never have,” junior Hillary Harmon said.

The main hope is for students to have fun while they learn a new skill.

“My freshman year was a lot of fun,” Whitney said. “I had a really good time. So I’m hoping that everybody is excited and ready to have fun.”

Although many students don’t realize it, a lot of planning goes into an event such as this.

“We (MSA) had to book Great Hall, and then we had to buy all the decorations,” Whitney said. “We have to make flyers, send out emails and we have to make sure our members are talking about it because we don’t want to have an event where nobody shows up.”

The event had a good turnout; students smiled, laughed and joked as they learned and appeared to have a lot of fun. At the end of the night, the three groups who had the best performance even got awarded with Wal-Mart gift cards.