Gift ideas that won’t break your bank account


by Cait Conner

As we near the Christmas holiday, it can mean many things. Great deals at shopping malls, time spent with family and of course choosing gifts for your loved ones; however, it also means those of us who haven’t the faintest idea of what to give that difficult person are in panic mode.

If you are working on a budget or simply having a hard time figuring out a gift for that individual, here are some tips for you so you can avoid going the gift card route.

Give a gift from the heart. Homemade gifts may not have as much as the flash and glamour as top of the line electronics or designer clothes; however, the sentiment will show that you have worked hard on creating this special gift.

For example, a printed candle would be a lovely gift for the candle lover in your social circle. All you need is a white candle, a stamp and stamp ink. Next, get your stamp inked and stamp where desired on the candle. You can use quotes or pictures for this gift idea.

Another great idea is to hit up your local dollar store and get the following items: a popcorn bowl, movie theater candy and a box of popcorn. Arrange in the bowl the box of popcorn and the movie theater candies. This is a great gift, especially for a person you may not know at an extremely personal level or even a couples’ gift.

For the baker in the family, a Cupcake Kit can be a great idea. It includes cupcake liners, sprinkles and all other fixings a cupcake decorator may need.

Kit ideas are wonderful ways to get creative and can be made for less than $10. The possibilities are endless, simply pick a theme and apply small gifts that would complement that theme.

An alternative to the gift basket would be to go the gift in a jar route, such as a Spa Kit. Simply fill a mason jar with a couple mini nail polishes, fingernail polish remover, a couple cotton balls and a small nail file. You can be creative with the jar’s label too by personalizing it or creating a fun spa themed label. This gift idea would be wonderful for roommates or stocking stuffers.

If you are having trouble finding homemade Christmas present ideas or need inspiration on a theme you can use for your gift baskets, check out Pinterest. It’s a haven for Do It Yourselfers.

Get creative and crafty during this holiday season. Not only will it create wonderful gifts to give to your loved ones, but it will also create memories as well.