Students input important for Kent

by Perspectives

With the Kent Campus Center being open for a little over a month now, stocking issues have become the biggest flaw.

“I’m not going to make an excuse for it,” Director of Dining Services Joe Luing said. “There’s no excuse; it shouldn’t have happened. Stocking issues should be fixed now and there should be availability from now on.”

Luing oversees all dining on campus and is informed and involved with all issues and concerns.

Going into the opening of the building, the food companies didn’t know how much business to expect, which in turn made it difficult to judge the amount of product to have prepared.

“I’m not too impressed with the food in Kent because they’re always running out of stuff and sometimes it takes a long time to even get your food,” sophomore Aubree Gilmore said.

Regardless of her impressions and frustrations, Gilmore eats at Kent every day and usually goes there instead of Pfeiffer.

“It’s frustrating to go there for them just to be out of what I wanted to order,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore is one of many students who face the daily hassle of being told their particular food items are out.

“The number of people here [Kent] than Pfeiffer was higher than I expected by about 10 percent,” Luing said. “Then participation increased even more than that and we also have the community business here as well.”

Selling more than expected within the first month calls for readjustment.

“The problems are and will continue to be fixed,” Luing said. “It’s what it should be now.”

With any food service or restaurant, there are always going to be issues that come up. Overall, Luing thinks the opening went smoothly.

“Like anything new you’re going to have adjustments,” Luing said. “The menu has been very well perceived by everyone. The staff has done a quality job with food and learning the menu.”