Tri Delta to stay in house

by Sarina Rhinehart

After back-and-forth negotiations surrounding the closing of C Street, the 174 feet in front of the Delta Delta Delta sorority house will be left open so the sorority can stay in their present location.

Informal discussions between Simpson College and Tri Delta began in late 2010 about the possibility to relocate the chapter house because of the new Kent Campus Center and the need for more parking.

“There were negotiations with Simpson and Tri Delta towards an effort to move Tri Delta to a new location in exchange for the Simpson receiving the Tri Delta property,” Delta Chapter House Corporation President Amy Templeton said. “However those negotiations did not result in an agreement.”

The chapter prefers not to comment on exact details of the discussions or where there might have been mutual impasse points between Tri Delta and Simpson.

“Tri Delta is grateful to both the Simpson and the City for leaving 174 feet of North C. Street south of N. Girard Street as a public street,” Templeton said. “Tri Delta is proud to be part of the Simpson and Indianola communities.”

Simpson had proposed the new house be built on the east side of campus across the street from Barker Hall. The college would have constructed, owned and managed the building, and Tri Delta would lease the building from Simpson.

Preliminary plans were that the new house for the sorority would have been a two story building to accommodate 32 residents with a budget of $1.5-1.7 million.

The advantages for Tri Delta to move would have been the release of financial obligation for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the chapter house. The age of the house and the potential upkeep cost are also a concern.

Tri Delta current members and alums, however, were concerned that if their house was owned by Simpson that they would lose too much control over how the house was run.

The ordinance voted on by the Indianola City Council will close C Street between Girard and Clinton avenues, except the north 174 feet in front of the Tri Delta house.

The topic of closing C Street was first presented to the Indianola City Council last February by President Byrd.

One concern surrounding the closing was the potential for increased traffic flow near Irving Elementary and the safety for the students there.

Other concerns were student parking and emergency vehicle access to the college.