SGA discusses possible bookstore expansion; changes length of student body presidents

by Conner Juilfs

The Student Government Association [SGA] discussed expanding the bookstore and changing the length of the student body president and vice president’s term during their Jan. 23 meeting.

Students have expressed discouragement with the lack of variety of apparel that is being offered in the bookstore. A committee will be established to determine how to further satisfy students’ needs.

Student body president and vice president terms are expected to be changed beginning in the year of 2014. Currently, student body presidents and vice presidents have a semester long term. In 2014, the student body president and vice president would have a term beginning in the month of January and last until December.

This process is being done to help create consistent leadership among the candidates.

“If somebody new is elected to a position knowing they are only going to be in that position for a semester, they might lack enthusiasm,” advisor Rich Ramos said. “We want to attract fresh leadership who are ready to go and lead us for the entire year.”

Ramos also expressed strong support because seniors would be done with their term after the fall semester and have the spring semester to prepare to graduate. Ramos believed that in the past, student body presidents and vice presidents were overwhelmed with SGA asnd preparing for graduation in the same semester.

Current student body president JoAnna Freeland has expressed optimism.

“It will change the way SGA is run but in a positive direction,” Freeland said. “We are looking forward to making SGA as active and goal oriented as possible.”

The closing of C Street was another topic, as the street is officially closed. The next step would involve purchasing the street from the city of Indianola. The city is looking to get around $83,000. Plans to purchase the street are expected to be completed in the next two months. However, there have been multiple threats by city citizens to file a lawsuit to delay the process until November when new council members are sworn in.

Another change that was discussed was the new addition of food to Tyler’s Grill, peanut butter and jelly and quesidillas.