Bookstore looking for advice from students

Bookstore looking for advice from students

by Bryce Phillips

Most people that go to the Simpson College Bookstore go only for books and maybe a couple of items. The bookstore knows the importance they have on college student’s experience. Besides finding your books and other necessities for class, the bookstore offers a wide selection of apparel. But that is just it? At a recent SGA meeting they discussed this very same issue.

Lindsay Nash, senior class president, says that she “thinks that many of the students complaints are about the varieties of clothing the bookstore offers.” This mainly may be true when the clothing doesn’t automatically jump right at you when entering the store.

She also gave the suggestion that if they offer dri-fit selections from popular brand names such as Nike and Under Armour that student’s maybe more inclined to buying those products. These products would definitely cost more but more than likely bookstore would see an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

Senior Michael Schwery says that not a lot of people walk around with Simpson apparel. “If you go to a campus like Iowa State everyone is wearing Iowa State stuff. Just a concern that you don’t have a tie to your school and it excludes us from being free advertisers when we leave Simpson.

Bookstore manager Kathy Magruder is looking for student’s advice.

“Often times students come in and say ‘you don’t have what I want’ and then walk out,” she said. “As bookstore employees we want to know what students want.”

Kathy also made the recommendation that Simpson start a bookstore advisory council made up of students and faculty. This way will enable the students, faculty and employees of the bookstore to communicate effectively and get the best product out there for future customers.