Students donate $1700 toward awareness


by Katie Buchholz

Three Simpson students want to raise more awareness towards breast cancer.

“They have made money every year to raise awareness of breast cancer, detection and treatment,” director of student health services and advisor of the group, Rita Audlehelm said.

Students involved include: senior Lindsay Nash, sophomore Emily Magers and freshman Chelsea Hamerlinck.

They help raise awareness at athletic events with t-shirt sales, beads, pink tape and bake sales.

“After we did all the breast cancer events, we decided to bring the money together. Rita and I worked together to find the organization that fit best with it,” said Nash, the leader of the group.

“They always wanted to find a cause or organization they can put the money towards,” said Audlehelm.

The organization the students chose was Bras for the Cause.

Bras for the Cause is a volunteer-based organization raising funds towards breast and cervical cancer.

Pat Schneider, board member and secretary for Bras for the Cause, accepted a $1700 donation from Simpson students last week.

“We so appreciate it,” said Schneider.

Bras for the Cause have been up and running for about six years, and this is their seventh year. They have raised almost $2 million, all which stays in Iowa for local men and women who need mammograms and cervical screenings.

“Prior to this, anybody who didn’t have insurance had nowhere to go,” said Schneider.

Audlehelm explained that some women find a lump and are hesitant to get a mammogram because they cannot afford it.

“Everybody’s scared when you find a lump,” said Audlehelm.

Bras for the Cause have not had a student group from college become active in their organization. They want to use Simpson as a jumping board to Drake and Iowa State University. Some board members want to come back to campus next fall to meet the new members at Simpson.

Operating throughout Iowa, their key signature fundraising event of the year is the annual Bras for the Cause Gala. Hundreds of volunteers decorate or create bras in memory of someone with breast cancer or to simply help raise awareness.

“Every year you would not believe the bras that people come up with,” said Schneider. “You just keep thinking ‘oh this is just as creative as we can possibly get’ and then next year they come up with even more.”

The breast cancer awareness group at Simpson is dedicated to this project because they have been affected by this disease.

“My mom has breast cancer, and it’s really important to me,” said Hamerlinck. “I found out last year, and it hit our family hard, so it’s been a struggle. I just want to raise more awareness about it, and I thought this would be a great way to do it.”

“I’ve had a history of breast cancer in my family,” said Nash. “I didn’t know what type of organization ran awareness on campus, but it’s definitely something dear to my heart.”

The group hopes to create more events around campus such as a pink carnival and mammogrammo danceathon.

“I’m also looking at different organizations to donate money too. Hopefully we can reach out to the Susan G. Komen cause,” said Hamerlinck.