Old-school Dancing makes New Waves at Simpson


by Erin Gerken

Even if they didn’t already know how to swing dance, students, faculty, staff and the Indianola community were all welcome at the Nostalgia Dance.

The dance, which took place on Friday night in Great Hall, was hosted by the music fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon. Sophomore Courtney Lange was one of the members of Mu Phi who was helping to host the event.

“We (Mu Phi) do this every other year,” Lange said. “The jazz band plays and does some swing music, and there are some dance lessons.”

Junior Carrie Paglia was one of the individuals out on the dance floor practicing the steps.

“It’s really fun because I absolutely love swing dancing,” Paglia said.

After the initial lessons, individuals were asked to join the dance floor at their leisure while the jazz band played. For those who did not wish to be out on the dance floor, seating, snacks and refreshments were provided.

The event was beneficial for campus because it isn’t something that we see on a regular basis.

“I know swing dancing isn’t always something that people tend to like to do, not like the salsa dancing that we had earlier,” Paglia said. “It helps with teaching people about different cultures in a sense. I mean, it’s kind of our own culture, but it’s getting people out there to try to do new things.”

Nostalgia Dance is a good opportunity for the music department to help spread a little awareness of what they have to offer.

“It’s good for people to come and hear the jazz band, and it’s good for Mu Phi to get our name out there,” Lange said. “And it raises a little money for us, but it’s not for the money; it’s just to have a fun event for campus and to help get the music department more out there.”

The event appeared to be a success.

“Surprisingly, I think it turned out really well, because there were a lot more people here than I thought there was going to be,” Paglia said.