Over 700 people participate in 2013 Campus Day

by Conner Juilfs

Students and faculty at Simpson College continue to build on their reputation, having over 700 people participating in its annual Campus Day event.

Campus Day, a tradition since 1889, is a day during the spring semester that is dedicated entirely to volunteer work, not only around campus, but also around the community of Indianola. All classes during the day are cancelled for students to be able to partake in this event.

According to the Campus Day committee, 67 teams consisting of many members all made their way to different places around town to clean and become environmentally friendly.

Teams ranged from Accounting Rulz, led by Accounting Professor Shane Cox, to Dunn Library, led by librarian Mary Peterson, to the Simpson women’s basketball team, led by junior Morgan Terpstra.

These teams reported to the Campus Day committee, letting them know they would like to be involved; some didn’t care where they’d be assigned, while others specifically requested a location. Teams reported to campus buildings, organizations around Indianola and also to residents’ homes.

Campus Day committee member, and freshman, Ruth Roberts has strongly expressed her support for this event and what it offers.

“I feel like Campus Day lets our students take pride in Simpson’s Campus on a completely different level than just supporting our sports team or claiming Simpson as their alma mater,” said Roberts in an e-mail interview. “Getting that many students and staff out of the classroom and into the community to do work is extremely impressive and everyone involved should be proud.”

Newsweek ranked Simpson College, among other Division I schools, in the “Top 25 Best Schools for Do-Gooders”. These Division I schools include St. John’s University, Syracuse University, Tulane University and Marquette University.