“Success” at Simpson promoted by augmented reality banner

by Bryce Phillips

Simpson’s marketing and public relations teams are using a new digital approach to market the new brand of “Success” at Simpson.

A red and gold banner can be seen hanging in Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines. The banner is more than just something for people to glance at. Simpson has found a way to bring the banner to life by using augmented reality.

According to digital content specialist, Greg Votava, augmented reality is a way to make static objects come to life. Using a static image, the software behind it recognizes that image and overlays content over it.

Right now, the video boasts over 2,000 views, with passerby’s shocked and awed by the changing images.

“The goal for us was to build off our brand of ‘Success’,” Votava said. “We chose Jordan Creek because it’s a new an inviting area where there’s lots of foot traffic. It is also is a great place to integrate our target audience.”

The banner promotes the marketing process that has been working to develop over the past couple of years. “Success at Simpson” is meant to resonate through the students and faculty, as well as prospective students.

Augmented reality is building on previous strategies, like the billboards posted all over the Des Moines area and ads seen in the previews of movies in nearby movie theaters.

On campus, the theme is promoted and shared among the Simpson community.

Even little things, like selling computer stickers has been a way to get the message across. Promoting “Success” has been done through success stories of alum, as well as current students.

So far, the idea has been successful and hopes to be a huge step forward in Simpson’s marketing plan.

“The cool thing about this [augmented reality banner] is that we are able to track our numbers through this app and see feedback on how successful this has been,” Votava said. “To have people remember Simpson because of our banner and because of this technology will hopefully go a long way. Hopefully, word of mouth will help increase the awareness of Simpson College.”

Along with Jordan Creek, Simpson’s augmented reality can be viewed in one of the skywalks located in downtown Des Moines.

An app is needed to use to augmented reality feature. The app is free of charge and virtually compatible with any smart phone or apple device.