EAC Celebrates Green Week on Campus

by Cait Conner

Simpson College’s Environmental Awareness Club, EAC, celebrates Green Week through various activities on campus.

The EAC was established in 2008, and its mission is to alert the Simpson Community on environmental issues. Since its establishment, the EAC has done multiple projects, which include: a community garden, a composting program in Pfeiffer Dining Hall, a campus-wide recycling program and various other activities.

We were instrumental in the purchase of all of the water bottle filling stations around campus, Zach Huebener, senior at Simpson and EAC member said.

During Green Week, EAC had an array of activities planned, such as: a forum lecture with Religion Professor Jan Everhart, speaking on environmental activism and the Bible; Locavore Supper, which had food that was grown/produced in Des Moines or Indianola, Iowa; a documentary showing of “No Impact Man,” which is about a man and his family in New York City who tries to reduce their environmental impact to zero; and Green Bingo, where the prizes were environmentally friendly.

In addition, Huebener said there was a trash audit display in front of the chapel and Carver that shows how much recycle material is thrown away each day.

“The main message of Green Week is that there are big environmental issues out there, and there is something that each of us can do,” Huebener said.

“An entire week of events is effective because it gives people multiple occasions to participate and gives us the opportunity to do a variety of activities,” said Huebener.