One hit wonder hits Simpson

by Katie Buchholz

Releasing his sophomore album, The Last Fears, Teddy Geiger performed to a bigger audience at the Principal Black Box in Kent last Friday, Sept. 20th.

“I liked his song from 2006 and I have that song on my iPod, so I was really excited to see that he was coming to Simpson,” said freshman Mallory Dierks. “And I also think he’s really cute.”

Cute indeed.

But Geiger wasn’t the only cutie on stage. There was another guy who played percussion and lightly stomped on a foot tambourine alongside Geiger. It was a two-man band. For a while I really didn’t know the other guy’s name until Geiger introduced him in the middle of the performance as Ryan Vaughn, a drummer/percussionist in the New York music scene.

Geiger played the keyboard, guitar and sang while playful lights danced around the Black Box.

“It’s such a badass room,” said Geiger. “It feels like you’re in an arena.”

Geiger blends in the traditional pop structure with accents of electronica and ballads in his music. Mesmerized by the dancing lights, the foot tambourine and Geiger’s soft yet distinct voice, I noticed that he sounded identical to the recordings on albums and the radio.

At 25 years old, Geiger propelled to stardom with the selling hit, “For You I Will” which entered the Billboard charts at #8 in 2006.

I was pleased to see that the Black Box was filled with students. Some students had to resort to standing in the back while other students took a spot up top in the black box.

Geiger commented on how pretty Simpson campus was and both performers asked about the huge American Gothic statue outside of Kent. Geiger also called the audience a “polite audience”.

This got me thinking…

The crowd was polite. We clapped after every song and giggled whenever Geiger said anything, but the crowd seemed timid. Maybe a bit star struck? I was asking myself whether it was a good idea to have so many available seats to sit. Will there ever be a concert where the audience isn’t afraid to stand and sway?

I still thoroughly enjoyed the performance and watching the performers having a good time doing what they love: singing and playing for an audience.

At the end of the performance Geiger sang the “Ignition Remix” by R-Kelly. Geiger and Vaughn prodded the audience to not be afraid to loosen up, stand up or be a little goofy. After the show students lined up waiting for an autograph and photos with Geiger.

“I was excited to get a picture with him,” said Dierks. “I thought he was really good and I was really impressed.”

Dierks attended the performance from Humming House the week prior and enjoyed the show.

“I think the events that Simpson College CAB puts on is a great chance to get out and do something, plus they’re free,” said Dierks.

CAB is sponsoring the Headphone Disco this Saturday Sept. 28th at the Kent Campus Center.