by Taryn Bertini, Staff Reporter


You will find the answers to what you are looking for. Start by being open and honest with yourself to understand you have the power to solve your problems.


You will find your power this week. A new opportunity will present itself to you and this is a good time to weigh the possibilities of a career change. Use your confidence to boost your professional career.


This week you should take time to look into your ideals and self-worth. Pay attention to your feelings and don’t allow them to take over.


Try to remain calm under the pressure you experience. Discussing your issues with someone you trust will assist you in feeling better about what you are going through.


You may reflect on past choices and decisions you have made. Focus on the future and what you can control. Avoid making quick judgments.


Be aware of changes within your environment that could put pressure on you or alter your daily routine. Look on the positive side of change that may come your way and use it to your benefit.


Be careful who you share your opinions and ideas with this week. Wait until your plan has been put into action before telling others, as they might use it against you.


This week is the time for you to stop limiting yourself from the beliefs, patterns and people that are holding you back. You need to receive the love you deserve from genuine friends and family.


This week you will be reminded about the quality of your professional relationships and how you will use them in your career. Follow the path to new and exciting ideas that can be applied to your life.


This week is a great time to remind your loved ones how important they are to you. This will allow you to find what you are seeking and be thankful for what you have in your life.


Your confidence will be shining this week. Take charge and show your leadership in everything you do by focusing on being bold and confidently stepping out of your comfort zone.


You may have an important realization this week. You may feel locked into your everyday routine and you may need to find a way out. Use this realization to change your habits.