Walking to stop world hunger

by Ashley Smith

Simpson’s Religious Life Community (RLC) will be holding the third annual Indianola CROP Hunger Walk on Sept. 29 at 1 p.m.

The CROP Hunger Walk was created to benefit the issue of world hunger.

“We will walk around Buxton Park and the square to raise awareness about hunger in our world and in our own community,” Tricia Ingram, RLC’s chapel intern of justice and mission, said. “Hungry people in third world countries and developing countries have to walk an average of 6 miles a day for food, water, and shelter.”

To raise money, participants have asked friends and family to donate online at hunger.cwsglobal.org.

“We also have this disgusting metal bird that’s going around to staff and faculty and in order to get it moved from their office they have to donate at least $10 to the CROP Walk and then we move it for them to a new staff member of their choice,” Ingram said.

75 percent of the proceeds will go to Church World Services and the remaining 25 percent will go to Helping Hands in Indianola to help combat hunger in the surrounding community.

“It’s a good expression of a way to put our faith in action when it comes to some of these issues that we know the world faces, hunger being an issue that’s local but also global,” Simpson’s chaplain, Mara Bailey, said.

Interested students, faculty and staff can contact Trisha Ingram at [email protected]to sign up for the CROP Walk. Otherwise, there’s a signup sheet in Holy Grounds.

“It’s not necessary to sign up but it is important because I can give you more information and you can fundraise,” Ingram said.