Hope4Africa speaks out at Simpson

by Conner Juilfs

Hope4Africa is a non-profit organization focusing on the United States and Africa together so Americans can help Africans achieve the education they deserve.

Moses Bomett is a 21-year-old who’s already raised $40,000 for his charity, Hope4Africa. Bomett made an appearance at Simpson College to speak about the cause.

Bomett says Hope4Africa has provided 3,500 books, 1,300 trees, 20 computers, 8 teachers, music, electricity and water to those in need in Africa.

Hope4Africa has also sponsored 28 students.

“Hope can inspire people to move mountains,” Bomett said. “Africa is filled to the brim with potential and education can be the spark to inspire youths to make the change.”

Bomett described the four elements that can benefit Africans through education. These four elements are:

  • Productivity
  • Health
  • Citizenship
  • Hope

By giving Africans the education it deserves, they will be able to attain these four elements, which will improve the country as a whole.

According to Bomett, the vicious cycle begins with the lack of education, or ignorance. Ignorance leads to poverty and diseases, which leads to hopelessness. From hopelessness, crime and violence follows.

“So what happens after aid for Africa is gone?” Bomett asked. “That’s why education is key. We need to walk with the locals and teach them how to live with the land and resources they have.”

After education is provided to Africa, they’ll be able to achieve the knowledge that will eventually increase health, hope, and security, according to Bomett.

Bomett graduated from Iowa State University this past year and is currently working towards going to grad school at Drake University.

“Most people don’t realize how lucky they are to have an education so Africans deserve that right,” president of Hope4Africa at Simpson, Jordan Parra said. “The idea of young people helping young people helps me see that students with an education in the U.S. are helping those in Africa.”

Parra says the club is planning to have an event that will bring in donations for Food for Africa.