Small crowd, high energy for Bubba Sparxx

by Larissa Backhaus

“City slick meets country boy” is the best way to describe Bubba Sparxxx’s style of music.
Bubba Sparxxx performed Saturday evening at about a quarter after 8 p.m. in the Principle Black Box Theatre. It was originally supposed to start at 8 p.m., but at 8 p.m. only about twenty students were present, so they decided wait a bit longer before starting
the show.
This was a very good plan because shortly after 8, about 80 students filled into the Black box for the show.
It was a small crowd, but it did not seem to bother Bubba Sparxxx. He claimed the small Simpson audience had “more energy than the crowd last night, which had about 20 times the amount of people.”
He performed seven different songs with a couple of them being from his new album Pain Management. Pain Management is his newest album in seven years.
Bubba Sparxxx performed along with Chris Hunt and DJ Strizzo. Hunt and Strizzo each performed their own songs during the concert too.
A little over 100 people attended the concert Saturday night. Many students were dancing and singing along with the songs.
Simpson Freshman Brenna Oakleaf thoroughly enjoyed the concert.
“I had a blast! Bubba Sparxxx did a great job of interacting with the crowd and making the experience
something I won’t forget,” Oakleaf said.
Bubba Sparxxx really did interact with the crowd when he performed his most popular song “Ms. New Booty.”
On Saturday, Bubba Sparxxx and Chris Hunt personally picked  several ladies to join them on stage to compete for Ms. New Booty Simpson 2014. It was

a very entertaining competition, but in the end Rachel Muse won and received a hug from Bubba Sparxxx and the title Ms. New Booty Simpson 2014.


Another Simpson freshman, Morgan Moline, who competed for Ms. New Booty said, “Booty booty booty booty rockin’ with Bubba was a blast!”


The entire concert lasted about one hour and flew by quickly. It was a very engaging and enjoyable show because of the energy and close interactions between the performers and the crowd.