Colonial basement flooding thought to be due to pipes, not rainstorm

by Kate Hayden

Two clogged pipes left flooding in the basement of Colonial residence hall on Sunday afternoon.

The rainstorm that began Saturday night and continued throughout Sunday is not believed to be a contributing factor, according to Community Advisor David Drucker, senior.

“There was about two inches of water throughout the entire basement,” Drucker said. “It was brought up to me about 3:00 p.m. I have no idea how long it was going before then.”

Senior Katie Gaughn was doing laundry when she discovered a leak.

“When I was putting my clothes in the dryer the floor seemed a little bit wet,” Gaughn said. She left and later returned downstairs to see pipes behind the machines bursting.

“It was about ankle-deep in water,” Gaughn said.

Drucker said Simpson’s maintenance cleaned the basement out and had dryers and fans going.

By 9:30 p.m., most of the storage lockers in the basement had been emptied and a majority of the water was cleaned up.