Opinion: Why I believe in Joni Ernst

by Amy Frakes

This November, students and Iowans alike will have the opportunity to vote in an important election. With Tom Harkin retiring, Iowa’s open Senate seat may very well determine which party will take majority of the Senate.

I will be voting for Joni Ernst. Joni is a middle class mother, National Guard officer, and successful legislator that is ready to represent our state in Washington, DC. Her unique background combined with her down-to-earth personality allows Joni to be able to relate to everyday Iowans.

Often as students, we freely criticize our government without trying to make a change. Now is our opportunity to make that change. Don’t send a member of the Do Nothing Congress back to Washington. Rather, elect a woman who has proven her leadership and her passion for bettering the lives of Iowans. Chuck Grassley fights for us every day in Washington, DC, and I think it’s time we send him a helping hand.