Intramurals: More than just a game

by ShelRandolph, reporter

Another school year means another round of competition for Simpson College Intramurals.

Despite the new wild card event being rained out Labor Day weekend, fall intramurals are in full swing. Sports such as softball, sand volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and the fan-favorite, flag football are offered in the fall.

Nicole Darling, assistant director of Student Activities/Intramurals, said the wild card event was something new and different for the student organization.

“It was meant to be something to keep students on campus — a night of fun games, including a non-traditional 12v12 volleyball match, and prizes,” Darling said.

Darling mentioned they will try and do something similar in the spring, possibly during May Term.

All events can be found via the IMLeagues website or the new REC*IT app, which serves as a convenient way for students to access their IMLeagues account in order to view game schedules, team standings, and keep track of upcoming events.

Also on the agenda for the school year is an extramural event, which will be held early October. Intramurals will be partnering with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Intramurals in a “champion of champions” event. Simpson’s co-ed flag football team champion will host DMACC’s champion at Buxton Stadium with coed sand volleyball immediately following.

“This (event) was a result of meeting with a cohort in the field at a national conference we attend,” Darling explained, “It lets our students compete against someone else, and it’s an opportunity to show some pride in Simpson and themselves.”

Alternative champion shirts, as well as traveling trophy, will be up for grabs. Darling also mentioned that Des Moines University has also expressed interest in joining in an event such as this, which could open things up for a triangular come spring semester.

On a more serious note, Darling expressed a growing interest in taking intramurals to the next level, by coinciding with the campus-wide initiative to get students involved and prepared for the ‘real world.’ She explained that this has been the focus of intramurals in the past, but more so this school year.

“This is an opportunity to do something outside of the classroom, but we are also educating on the field,” Darling said. “We definitely want to promote the things that are happening in our program, (such as) creating characteristics of sportsmanship, responsibility, and conflict resolution — all things that can apply to real-life situations, real-life jobs.”

Junior Kenzie Seaton, who both works for and participates in intramurals, said she enjoys being a part of the program because she can compete against some of her closest friends.

“The game times are flexible and the program does a great job of making the environment fun and welcoming to all students,” Seaton said.

“We (intramurals staff) try to make it a good experience for everybody, win or lose,” Darling ended.