‘Kappasta’ raises $650 to support foster and adoptive parenting in Iowa

by Steffi Lee, editor in chief

Simpson College’s Kappa Kappa Gamma held a pasta fundraiser Tuesday evening to give back to the community.

Kappasta, the pasta dinner fundraiser, was held in the Principal Black Box Theatre. Proceeds from Kappasta benefited the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parenting Association.

Junior Jacy Gomez said the philanthropy event started last year with a goal to raise money for local causes.

“We have a few girls in the house who the cause is near and dear to their hearts and also we just voted on that as a chapter,” Gomez said.

Last year, Kappasta’s proceeds helped out the Warren County Necessities Pantry. Gomez said putting on a pasta dinner helps with the variety of events Greek organizations have to offer, such as pancake feeds.

Senior Mariah Young said Kappasta ties in with Kappa Kappa Gamma’s philanthropy events in general because they constantly strive to help out multiple organizations each year. Young also said the dinner helps bring the campus together.

“When you think the spirit of Italy, the coming together and supporting each other, I think it’s really nice to be able to sit down and have a meal together,” Young said.

Gomez said the evening helped Kappa Kappa Gamma raise around $650 for the association. Young said many people showed up and contributed to a good turnout. Last year’s Kappasta allowed the sorority to raise around $200 for the necessities pantry, Young said.

“We’re just hoping we can keep things going and give back to the community that provides so much to us,” Gomez said.

Freshman Megan Myers said she hopes events like this will allow people to see the philanthropic qualities of Greek Life.

“I know I see things on Yik Yak and people putting down Greek Life and it doesn’t make sense because I know we do events like this and we do so much to give back to the community, and none of us are mean spirited,” Myers said. 

With other Greek houses supporting Kappasta, it’ll also help bring out a sense of cooperation with both sororities and fraternities.

“We’re all very supportive of each other,” Myers said.

And they say their support will benefit Simpson’s surrounding areas.

“We’re trying to make the community a better place as a whole,” Young said.