Opinion: You’re not worth it


by Tyler Stokesbary Special to the Simpsonian

I had two initial thoughts when asked to write about my pet peeves in classes. The first is that any professor of mine reading this will put me on their watch list. The second is that I was chosen to basically do a rant and I’m not sure exactly what that says about my personality. All that aside, I hope these six pet peeves about professors in class resonate with fellow students.

1. Assigning expensive textbooks

Okay, I guess I get this one, but what sacred information could possibly be in a $150 textbook? If you really want to piss us off, have us buy it and never use it. Not only are we neck-deep in student loans, we have to spend $400 per semester or more on books, half of which probably won’t get used in class.

2. Keeping us late during class

You had one job. All you had to do was teach us for a set amount of time and you just had to keep on going? Now, I’ll give you that in certain circumstances it is okay, but I’ve got a class in ten minutes and how am I supposed to go to the bathroom and get to my favorite seat if a professor is keeping me late?

3. No, please. Take your time grading; it’s not like my future is on the line.

It’s probably not easy grading twenty 8-page papers quickly. But to any professor who complains they have to check papers for weeks even though they assigned them, it really trips my trigger. That’s essentially purposely shooting yourself in the foot and complaining that it hurt. It’s kind of nice to know whether or not we’ve failed a class immediately rather than waiting in agony for weeks.

4. Our world does not revolve around your class.

Contrary to what some professors believe, students have lives. Some of us are in sports, have a full class load, involved in a huge opera production, student organizations or just generally enjoy having a social life. So assigning 100 pages to read for the next class time isn’t really appreciated by us.

5. 8a.m. Classes

No, this one isn’t actually a professor’s fault. But last time I checked this was a Methodist-affiliated school, and an 8a.m. is a sin. Seriously, though. Who thought teaching college students at this ungodly hour was a good idea? I guarantee there isn’t a thing I’m going to learn out of one bloodshot eye.

6. “I don’t give out A’s”

Dare I say this might top the list. To start out the semester by telling the students of the class that hard work and effort is not rewarded is probably not your best plan of approach. Professors that arbitrarily take off points because they want to be known as that “tough professor” have just as much popularity as Fidel Castro. I will say this though. If I don’t get an “A” and you give me a reason why I don’t deserve one, you’re okay in my book.

I’m sure professors have pet peeves about students. Just remember this; if a professor doesn’t like something, they have the power and grading authority to do something about it. Students have to suffer in silence all the while thinking to themselves, “I’m paying for this punishment.”