Choosing your schedule can be a hassle, but knowing great professors and classes can help

by Stephanie Woodruff, reporter

Some classes are the necessary evil students must endure. Others are fun-filled while providing useful information at the same time. It’s hard to differentiate when registration comes along and students must fulfill various degree audit requirements, but there are plenty of resources for finding the best ones; namely, other students.

Professors are make-or-break when it comes to choosing classes. Some students may like one professor more than another and there’s always some reason behind those choices. Maybe they are professors in their major or maybe it’s just because a student likes their teaching method. Not every class or professor is the same, that’s why a quick review will give you some ideas on what classes and professors you might like and why.

Taylor Hildreth, a senior biology major said her favorite class at Simpson has been “Mammalogy because I love animals and learning about how they act.” Her favorite professor is Ryan Rehmeier, “because he is upbeat, positive, and makes learning fun.” Hildreth also likes the variety of classes offered at Simpson because, “it allows us (in the biology department) to see a variety of classes that pertain to our major.”

Kyle McKim, a junior studying English and secondary education, said his favorite classes at Simpson so far were Introduction to Film as a May Term and Creative Writing Workshop. “They were both fun and informative at the same time. They also let me explore a variety of genres within my discipline.” His favorite professor is David Wolf because, “he is a laid back guy and very knowledgeable about his subject.” A class he thought was popular was, “Painting for Non-Majors.” He said he likes the variety at Simpson because, “It’s what a liberal arts college is all about.”

Sophomore Haley Blum, an elementary education major, said her favorite class was her introduction to French course. “It was just a random class for me and it turned out to be really fun and interactive.” Her favorite professor is Kate Lerseth because, “she’s understanding and easy to talk to.” She likes the variety of classes on campus because, “It gives me an option instead of being stuck with classes I have to take.”

Freshman Elisa Wildy, an actuarial science major with a computer science minor said her favorite class is computer science, “because I hadn’t taken a class like it before and ended up liking it so much I added it to my major.” Heidi Berger is her favorite professor so far, “because she knows what she’s talking about, she finds everything fun in class, and she really knows her students.” She likes the variety of classes, “especially May Terms. I haven’t taken one yet, but while signing up the topics of the classes were really interesting.”

Students at Simpson have a multitude of options when it comes to fulfilling liberal arts requirements. Registering for classes should be based off an interest in the subject, and maybe the opportunity to take something unknown and learn something more than just the course material. Listening to the advice of fellow students and advisors can help make the 128 required credits more enjoyable.