Love Your Melon hits home for Simpson junior, hopes to raise awareness


Junior Aimee Loats is on a mission to help children victimized by cancer while raising money for cancer research and awareness.

“I was inspired to do Love your Melon through my good friend Melissa Miller, who is the head of University of Iowa Love Your Melon, and the cause touched my heart from the beginning,” Loats said. “I was diagnosed with a chronic illness when I was 10, so ever since I’ve been sick, I have the upmost empathy towards programs helping other kids and their families. I feel like I can never do enough, whether it be for kids or for cancer awareness.”

Nearly 2,000 students on over 175 campuses across America are ambassadors for the foundation. Luckily for Simpson College students, Aimee Loats officially started the Love Your Melon group this week.

Love Your Melon Foundation is a non-profit started by two college students in 2012 from St. Paul, Minnesota. The mission of Love Your Melon is to make life better for young children battling cancer by dressing up as a superhero and delivering hats to put on their chemo-stricken heads.

Hats and other apparel are available to buy online.

Each product bought provides a hat or money toward the foundation to help with family expenses or cancer research. Money donations instead of purchased apparel are also welcome towards the cause.

“Sure, $20 to $35 for a hat sounds like a lot to a college kid, but it’s the cause behind the hat that people would be donating to. Childhood cancer is a serious issue that needs more attention in this country and more action taken,” Simpson senior Austin Jacobs said, “I think if students are passionate enough about this cause, and are willing to get behind it, some serious funds could be raised to battle this horrible disease and bring a smile to a lot of faces.”

Students, staff and friends can buy apparel at When checking out, buyers can choose the Simpson College group to give the campus’ group credit.

“I would love to sell 100 hats this semester, and hopefully shoot for 200 for the year,” Loats said, “This way our group has endless possibilities for giveaways and events to throw to promote the cause even more.”

Loats said she hopes for a positive reaction from Simpson College students and has an optimistic outlook on support from campus. To get involved or receive more information about Love Your Melon, email [email protected].