CA: The job is ‘incredibly fulfilling’


by Clayton Bowers, Staff Reporter

Simpson College is in its final weeks for applications for the new CA positions on campus.

Community advisors have a crucial job among the Simpson community.

Contrary to popular belief, the assistants have more duties than routine room checks.

Dana Bohan, CA of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, said the job is “incredibly fulfilling.”

“The most fun part of the job is the satisfaction of helping people. When you can have a positive effect on someone else’s life through the job, in reality I’ve never had a job more satisfying,” Bohan said.

In order to become a CA, students must complete a thorough process to make sure they are fit for the position.

Applicants must fill out an application during the spring semester before they start, which is followed by a job shadow, individual interviews, group interviews and then a full day of training.

“The main thing we are taught is to keep people safe,” Bohan said. “It’s a job to help make the experience a little better for everyone.”

CAs said the job is a great way to meet new people and stay in touch with a large community among campus.

Although the job has many perks, the unusual hours can create some restless nights.

“At 7 p.m., 10 p.m., midnight, and 2 a.m., we have to walk through all the buildings we are assigned to, which can be extremely cold during the wintertime,” Bohan said. “You have to be available for a lot of times you don’t want to be. You just learn a lot about being an adult. There’s a lot of satisfaction to it.”

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