OPINION: Every vote counts

by Danielle Bates, Special to the Simpsonian

The caucuses are coming up on Feb. 1, and it is absolutely imperative that Republicans go out and caucus.

The winners of the Iowa caucuses do not always end up as the party’s nominee, but the caucuses still have a huge impact on the party’s nomination.

Because Iowa is the first in the nation, the race is closely followed by the media.

What the media reports while in the state has been shown to have a huge impact on the rest of the country.

Iowa caucuses can be seen as a test run for many campaigns. Momentum is important in politics, so if someone loses in Iowa, it is more likely that their support, and therefore money, will dwindle.

In a race with 11 nominees, every vote for your favorite candidate will count.

Let’s say you are not too fond of a candidate.

When you go out and caucus for someone else, you’re making more of an impact than just complaining. If there’s a significant amount of other people that do the same it’s more likely the candidate you don’t like won’t win and will then lose support.

For young Republicans it’s important to go because it’s a demographic not often represented, and you’re going to want to be represented when choosing a new leader for this country.

It is incredibly important that we Republicans choose a good presidential nominee.

There may be candidates with a lot of support, but that does not necessarily mean they’d be good for this country.

Also, one must keep in mind how a candidate will fair against the Democratic nominee. You want to be sure that they can win against the opposition so there will be a Republican in the White House. Some candidates may be very controversial, which could lead to people switching to vote for the other side.

Being informed prior to going to the caucuses is important.

However, going to the Republican caucuses are also helpful if you aren’t 100 percent decided yet.

Before you receive a ballot, representatives from each candidate’s campaign will give a short speech about their candidate that may help you in deciding.

The caucus is important because it gives people the opportunity to be civically engaged. It’s your civic duty to vote.

The caucus provides the perfect place to exercise your voting rights.

It also provides other ways to be engaged in the Republican Party. After filling out a ballot, the votes are tallied, and that precinct’s winner is announced.

One could leave after voting, but there is so much more that happens after the vote.

Each precinct selects delegates to go to the county convention. One can submit, discuss and vote on platform planks for the county GOP committees. The things that happen after the vote are great ways to be involved in the party.

It’s so important to go to the caucus. The Iowa caucuses give you a great opportunity to be civically engaged.