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What’s the sitch with Rich?

See what Rich has been up to since he set off on his new journey.
Hannah Rosenfeld
Rich Ramos, former director of student activities, in Kent Campus Center.

Simpson College bid farewell to Rich Ramos, one of Simpson’s most cherished mentors, in June 2023. 

With hearts full of gratitude, students, faculty and staff watched as he set off on a new chapter working as an independent contractor for large-scale event management and planning.

His 35 years at Simpson stood as a beacon of guidance, support and unwavering commitment to student’s experience and success. Ramos was more than just an Associate Dean of Students. He was an advisor, mentor and friend. He even knew President Jay Byers when he was a student. 

Now students want to know: What’s Rich been up to? 

From organizing fairs in California and North Dakota to working with artists such as Jelly Roll, Ramos’ knack for bringing people together and creating memorable experiences shines on. For those who knew him, it’s no surprise he’s taken this path.

He started his independent limited liability company, Ramos Events Management (LLC), in 2022, where he works for different companies and businesses to collaborate with a promoter. Ramos can work from literally anywhere, allowing him to travel as regularly as he does. 

If a promoter wants to bring an artist to a venue, they will hire someone like Ramos to work with them and the facility to figure out the logistics of what the promoter needs to have a successful show. Ramos handles everything from figuring out how many forklifts are available, where dressing rooms are located, and budgets for merchandise and concessions, among various other factors. 

This certainly isn’t his first rodeo. Following Covid in September 2021, Ramos helped build Knotfest in Indianola at the National Baloon Classic for 30,000 people. He acts as the “middle person” between talent (entertainment) and a facility, similar to his past role in advising CAB members at Simpson with events.    

“If I’m being totally honest, I miss it terribly,” Ramos said. “I miss being around students and I miss working with students every single day.”

Whether it was lending a listening ear, advising student organizations or promoting unity within the Greek community, his passion for the student experience was front and center.

“Even when students would argue with me and drive me crazy, it was still the best part of the job,” Ramos said. 

What did Ramos do on campus?

Ramos did a lot for the Panhellenic Council and interrelations with sororities and fraternities. Teagan Townsend, a junior, worked closely with Ramos during his last year at Simpson because she was in Panhellenic leadership.

“He did a lot for students, and he boosted morale and he was always super friendly and said hi to anyone he knew,” Townsend said. “Rich did a really good job letting the students lead when it was their time to lead and really taking student advice to heart.”

Ramos was someone students went to for advice or to crack a few jokes with. Zamaria Barnes, a junior in CAB leadership who is now the President of the organization, worked closely with him as one of those students.

“He helped me figure out things like how to request the firepit or how to make a budget, or how to find an advisor,” Barnes said.

Ramos is a man of many talents with a passion for helping and connecting with others. Some students felt like they could go to him for just about anything. 

While his presence at Simpson is missed, Ramos continues to spread the joys of entertainment. 

“Simpson is always going to be home,” Ramos said. “Even though I went to another college, when you’re someplace for 35 years, it’s always home, and it’s always gonna be home.”

One can catch Ramos strolling through campus or attending games with his wife Barb Ramos, a professor of education at Simpson. He still visits and supports the students while living this new chapter.

“I hope that I’ll be around for homecoming because I’d love to come over and hang out at the tailgate and everything this next year,” Ramos said.

Ramos’ business has him traveling all over the place, but he will always have a place at Simpson. The impact he’s had on the Simpson community and his journey reminds those to embrace change, follow passions and live life to the fullest. 

“I truly, genuinely miss them,” Ramos said. “Continue to be students. This is your experience. It’s nobody else’s experience. It goes super fast, so enjoy every single moment and make the most of it.”

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