Health code violations on campus


Katie Burns

Simpson College had its annual health code inspection on March 27th on Pfeiffer Dinning Hall, Tyler’s Grille and Subconnection.

by Kyle Werner, Feature Editor

Health inspections are a routine part of operating food services. On March 27, Pfeiffer Dining Hall, Tyler’s Grille and Sub Connection were subject to such routine inspection. 

Starting on YikYak, the anonymous messaging app, after the inspection was made public students voiced their concerns about the state of Simpson dining services. 

“We know that a recent state inspection report included some findings that understandably raised student concerns and this letter will address each issue,” said Sodexo General Manager Ben Nielson in an email, including a letter that lists the violations and remedies sent to students on April 13. 

“It is important to emphasize that all items listed on the state inspection were corrected on-site immediately with the inspector,” he said in the email.   

Among the concerns of students were those of moldy cheese, under-temp lasagna and over-temp yogurt. 

“While there is vital context to provide for each of the findings, we take them very seriously and regret any instance where we fall short of standards,” Nielsen said in the email. “Our commitment is to always address and rectify issues promptly.”

In the Student Government Association (SGA) April 12 meeting, Nielsen discussed the violations further. 

The minutes said: 

“Most of the violations are common inside any food service establishment. Some were just paperwork/contract issues. The violations pertaining directly to food service were instantly corrected and were minor. The only major concern out of the violations would be the shredded cheese. That cheese was in an area that is not accessible to students and in a cooler that we do not use. It was just misplaced and the worker who placed it there did not inform anyone that it was there.”

These issues were also published on April 14 by the Iowa Capital Dispatch, “Restaurant inspection update: Dead rodents, yellow slime and dodgy hotdogs,” a compilation of health code violations across the state.

In total, Pfeiffer Dining Hall had eight health code violations and Tyler’s Grille and Sub Connection had three. 

“As a proud partner in service to Simpson College and its students, Sodexo strives to consistently deliver a safe and high-quality dining experience,” Nielsen said in the email.

To further look at the violations, you can go to 

If you have any questions regarding dining on campus, email Ben Nielsen at [email protected]