Spring into SOAR


The orientation program will begin with the April date with more days taking place over the summer.

by Joel Sampson, Staff Reporter

SOAR, or Simpson orientation, advising and registration, is an opportunity for incoming first-years to spend time on campus before they arrive in the fall.

Most of the students come to SOAR in June – and I think that’s been true since I started working here in 1995,” Sal Meyers, professor and department chair of psychology, said. “Doing a day of SOAR in April is also not unusual. We did it pre-covid.” 

SOAR gives essential resources for students who aren’t sure about their transition to college.

“SOAR is when the next class of freshmen comes to campus to register for classes, learn about residence life, technology, sports, fine arts, possible majors, career development, academic resources and all the things,” Current SC leader Elise Boulton said. “They can also meet with financial aid, academic resources, or any other appointments they may need to have before they arrive in August. It’s a good chance to explore their new home for the upcoming year.” 

Boulton said Simpson has a specific goal with SOAR and that it’s socializing the incoming class.

“The main objective of SOAR is for prospective students to meet new friends, teammates, their academic advisor/foundations professor and SCL, as well as register for classes,” Boulton said. 

SOAR provides a unique opportunity for incoming first-years, and it also gives SC leaders a chance to meet and build relationships early.

“I’m able to meet my new students and get them excited for the upcoming year,” Boulton said. “I really like how SOAR is a few months before they start because once they see campus again, meet people, and learn about what Simpson has to offer I feel like they have more questions as they get more ideas of what next year will look like for them.” 

Boulton hopes to be able to comfort future students.

“SOAR impacts me because SOAR and Welcome Week are honestly the times where my group is most excited as a whole and they meet me and their new classmates and hopefully I’m able to put some nerves at ease,” Boulton said.

According to the Simpson College website, Simpson will have a student and guest track for visitors to follow. Parents, guardians, guests, and future students are all encouraged to attend.

Students with questions about SOAR can email questions to [email protected]. After April 15, there will be two more SOAR sessions on June 7 and June 9.