April Fools Pranks you should do based on your zodiac sign

April Fools Pranks you should do based on your zodiac sign

by Sophie Reese, Photo Editor

Aries: Wrap your best friend’s car in saran wrap. I’m 85% sure they will forgive you later.

Taurus: If you want to prank your parents, replace old family photos that are hanging up with pictures of your choosing. Then, see how long it takes for them to notice.

 Gemini: Sign your friends up for Scientology and watch them get endless emails about joining a cult.

Cancer: Replace the middle of an Oreo with toothpaste and offer them out to anyone, just out of the kindness in your heart.

Leo: Glue a quarter to a sidewalk and wait to see everyone try to pick it up off the ground. Leave it there forever as an endless prank.

 Virgo: If you’re looking to do a harmless but fun prank in an office, just put googly eyes on literally anything. (Staplers, Light Switches, Computers, etc.)

Libra: If you want to win roommate of the year, gift wrap every single one of their belongings as a thank you for being a great roommate.

Scorpio: Make a private Snapchat story that only your bestie can see. Post pictures of their clothes or items and pretend that you’re selling them. 

Sagittarius: Find a prerecorded video that sounds like an incoming call for a county jail. Call your parents and play it and tell them you got arrested.

Capricorn: If you want to get back at a sibling, replace their shampoo with mayonnaise. Or any condiment of your choosing.

 Aquarius: Fill up a ton of Solo cups with water and place them outside of your roommate’s door. Then watch them struggle to leave.

Pisces: Buy some car chalk and write a little message on the back of your friends’ car where they likely wouldn’t notice it. You can have the whole campus honking at your friend’s car.