Creed III


by Joel Sampson, Staff Reporter

Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed III” polishes a beloved trilogy with tension, triumph, and swagger. 

With incredible performances from Jonathon Majors, Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan himself, this movie breaks boundaries on boxing movie cliches. 

Jordan has proven time and time again why he’s a top actor of this generation. Every time he’s on the screen, viewers are in for a great film. 

Majors is having himself a hell of a year, and it’s only March. He is highlighted in Marvel’s newest Ant-Man film as the main antagonist Kang, which was released in February this year. He was a star in that role and, in “Creed III,” he plays the main antagonist Damian Anderson, a childhood best friend of Adonis Creed. Majors has solidified himself as a legitimate supervillain; be looking for him in many films to come. 

Thompson returns as Bianca, doing an incredible job portraying a woman who is struggling with hearing loss and is an independent music producer. Her character has been a highlight of the series, and this installment didn’t waiver from the trend. 

“Creed III” delivers a viewing experience that has the same familiarity of the first two installations of the trilogy but provides a unique experience that makes it stand out when compared. 

In “Creed III”, Jordan’s Adonis Creed is on his way out of the fight game when his past compels him to go back in the ring just one more time.

Lots of Creed fans come from the “Rocky” series. This movie could potentially be disappointing for these specific fans, as Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character isn’t seen or even mentioned in “Creed III.”

This movie was also Jordan’s directing debut. This is a big “at-bat” for a rookie director, and he hit a home run. It’s clear to see Jordan’s aspirations for this movie were creative and authentic. Jordan claims he drew inspiration from anime for the movie and this is present in the final act of the movie. Anime fans: welcome to a boxing movie you can get behind. 

“Creed III” provides an authentic experience while still tipping the cap to the genre of fighting movies. Viewers get to indulge in different traditions that still hold incredible value today while also enjoying a brand-new boxing experience unlike anything that’s been seen on the big screen. 

In comparison to the first two installations of the Creed series, “Creed III” is arguably the best film. Critically speaking, this movie has the visuals, the acting, the story and anything you could possibly ask for. The price of a movie ticket is justifiable when it comes to a movie this good. Get in the theater and see it. I give it four stars out of five.