Let there be light (spring begins)


by Nick Gordon, Staff Reporter

As I sit here and write this, I am looking out my window and seeing sunlight. This is such a wonderful sight for me, as the past months have been nothing but snow and rain.

I question why anyone would prefer the snow and cold weather over such a great season such as spring. 

Spring is when the temperature increases, the leaves start to grow on trees and the quality of life of everyone improves. 

Think of all the things that we can do in spring that we are unable to do in winter. We can walk our dogs for one, which I see as a huge positive, being a dog owner. The big coats that we have been forced to wear due to inclement weather can finally go back into the closet. 

I do see the point of view that people argue for when they are supporting winter due to it being the season that has holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think these holidays are great when it comes to spending time with loved ones, but I do not see it as a justified reason to support such a putrid season. 

I think about all the times I have left my dorm room in the past months to go to my car just to find that it has a whole foot of snow covering it. That can finally end now that spring is here.

Now I can drive to my destination with the windows slightly down as I listen to music. I can even go for a run if I wanted to, which would be insane in the winter as I would have to wear a million layers of clothing to keep warm. 

I truly cannot see a negative that comes with spring. I mean, it isn’t summer, which is the hottest season, but I would say that summer may be too hot. 

I think spring is the best season as it supplies the perfect medium of not too cold and not too hot. The only season I would say rivals spring is fall. Fall is a little on the colder side though so I will stick with spring as the best for now. 

I would encourage anybody who disagrees with me to take a step outside within the next few weeks and look me in the eyes and tell me that you would still prefer winter. If you can successfully do that, I will probably think you are a little insane. 

There is a reason that spring break is one of the biggest party weeks in the whole year as everyone rejoices at the end of winter. I know I did as I have made clear that I have no praise for winter in the slightest. 

Spring, I hope that you provide everyone with the boosted dopamine they need to finish the year strong and keep being the wonderful season that I know you are.